Friday, December 18, 2015

Frosty Stephen

Our classroom elf was Frosty Stephen.  We enjoyed seeing what he would do each morning when we would find him in different places around our classroom.  He was quite an acrobat! Once, we found him hanging upside down from our calendar with the number of the day in his hand.  Another day he was on top of the world! Well, sitting on top of our globe that hangs in our classroom.

We missed Frosty Stephen when he had to go to Kris Kringle Hospital in the North Pole (we even got a personal letter from Santa about it!), but he made a full recovery and returned to our classroom and thoroughly entertained us each day when we'd find him.  He even tried to wear a Dr. Seuss hat one morning and he also would played with our classroom gong!

Mrs. Harper's class just loved Frosty Stephen and Frosty Stephen loved them!

Merry Christmas!

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